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Life can sometimes feel overwhelming, and any attempts we make to cope only seem to make matters more difficult. At times like this, regret and shame may pull us down, leading us to push away and avoid our deeper and more vulnerable emotions. It might sometimes feel as if life is spiraling out of control, taking you farther from the happiness that you know you once felt.

The good news is that with help, it is possible to escape and counter your problem cycles. It may be a rocky path that is hard to navigate, but it is one that you do not have to make alone. I will be there at your side, guiding you and helping you find the strength to grow through any challenges that might come your way. You are more resilient than you may believe, and I am confident that you can overcome this.

Just as the nautilus shell spirals out and opens up to sunlight, we too can pull ourselves out from the very dark and challenging points in life.

My name is Anna Collins and I am a therapist at Compassion’s Way Counseling in North Austin. I offer affordable individual, family, marriage and relationship counseling. Click here if you’re wondering if therapy is right for you.


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